Strategic Marketing Leadership - Transform Marketing In Your Organization With Strategic Frameworks

Market leaders are companies who have the pleasure of having the biggest market share or percentage of the entire sales-specific market. Market leaders control the market through influencing distribution, client loyalty, pricing, and so on. Market leadership is an important term in the internet age, especially after COVID-19, because a huge number of enterprises have become market leaders over time. The Aviation Industry has also become a major source of international economic success, and it has suffered greatly since the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies who relied more on flights for income nevertheless made money from cargo flights and half-full passenger flights, and hence fared better than those that relied more on passenger flows. However, the pandemic exposed an underlying issue in most airports' economic models including the market leaders of the Aviation Industry. The presentation looks at how the firms in the Aviation Industry can enhance itself post COVID-19 & become the market leader in order to generate income.

Marketing Mix - A Strategic Perspective For Business Leaders

The marketing mix is the amalgamation of several marketing factors that the business combines and manages to acquire the desired response from the target market. Placing the ideal product in the ideal setting, at the ideal moment, and for the ideal price is known as the marketing mix. Airlines need to use a variety of marketing strategies to stay afloat in a market driven by extreme rivalry. Even without taking into account cutting-edge technologies itself, marketing is crucial to the success of any firm. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, people's lifestyles and travel patterns have radically changed, and the industry has had to adapt to the realities of the modern world. Therefore, the presentation is for the Aviation Industry and explains how to choose the optimal marketing plan for this fast-paced environment.

Stress Management - Cognitive Behavioural Strategies To Reduce Stress

The COVID-19 outbreak has had a significant detrimental influence on the mental well-being of pilots, flight attendants and other airport employees. Job uncertainty and dread of the future economy, as well as interaction limits overall and without being able to work, have all contributed to a rise in symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress. The magnitude of the current issue might need individualized preventative mental health interventions and cognitive-behavioral treatments for the personnels in the Aviation Industry. A variety of variables contribute to workplace stress in the Aviation Industry. Economic distress, extensive COVID-19-related news exposure and decreased social interaction are only a few of the elements that have had an impact on people. The presentation is about how to reduce stress using cognitive- behavioural techniques for those working in the Aviation Industry.

Principles And Practice In Records Management - A Complete Guide

After the COVID-19 outbreak, renting an aircraft rather than buying one has become the rule rather than the exception. Everyone who works in aviation operations and maintenance can attest from personal experience that leasing, managing and maintaining an aircraft produces a significant amount of paperwork in the form of aircraft records. Hence, it's critical that these records be in perfect order, especially when a lease expires and the aircraft is either returned to the lessor or transferred to a new operator. These records are significant because they provide an invaluable point of reference for understanding the historical patterns, present situation, and even anticipated future maintenance needs of the aircraft. Every time maintenance, preventative maintenance, or adjustments are made, records must be created in order to maintain the validity of an aircraft's airworthiness. For these reasons, it has consistently been demonstrated that improperly generated or poorly preserved records are an expensive error. Hence, this is a presentation for firms in the Aviation Industry on Records Management.

Coaching - A Matter Of Motivating People To Prepare And Work As A Team

Employees perform better, are motivated and are more satisfied with their jobs and bosses when managers adopt a coaching mindset and approach. During the challenging times of COVID-19 that we are facing now, it is of great importance for businesses in the Aviation industry to have well-coordinated motivated teams which can work together and provide good outcomes. Therefore, coaching is a key element in achieving this endeavor. In order to boost productivity and efficiency in the aviation business following the pandemic, this presentation serves as a guide on how to be a good coach, mentor and motivator to a team.

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