The Art Of Leveraging Diversity & Inclusion For Achieving Organizational Excellence

Leveraging Diversity and Inclusion for Organizational Excellence will broaden the talent pool, promote the use of varied viewpoints to improve team and individual performance, and remove barriers to the development of an inclusive environment where staff members feel appreciated in their job. The need for leaders who wish to encourage innovation and creativity by creating teams that support varied viewpoints and ideas has significantly expanded in the Telecommunication Industry in this post-pandemic business era. The presentation serves as a guide for professionals working in the Telecommunications Industry who want to identify diversity hurdles, implement solutions to build a diverse post-pandemic workforce, and also confront biases head-on, and contribute to the development of a more welcoming workplace.

A Practitioners Guide To Tools, Models & Best Practices For Internal Communication In The Modern World

Information exchange within a corporation or among the parts of a corporation is referred to as internal communication. It occurs at all corporate levels and those of the individual corporate units. Internal communications best practices state that while bringing about transformation in the workforce, personnel should be informed of critical information promptly, that communication should be direct and brief, and that it should be sent through efficient means. The epidemic has shifted attention to the advantages of internal communication and altered how, what, and how frequently we communicate. Internal communication problems are a common occurrence in the Telecommunications Industry, but they can be resolved with the appropriate tools and tactics. The presentation, therefore will provide guidance on how to improve workplace performance, make fewer mistakes, be cohesive, have stronger engagement and morale levels, etc.

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