About Edu Exim

We help people be their best.

We are a group of diverse and experienced people excited to work with you to help bring harmony, productivity and an all-round better place to work. We get to know you, and understand what you need, so our work accelerates you towards your organisational goals. We customise our work to your needs, selecting the best tools and experiences to address your specific challenge.

Evidence-based Approach.

Our approach to human and organisational development is based on the latest research on behavioural science, leadership development and mindfulness. Our program, content and assessment designers include organisational psychologists, researchers, leadership development specialists and our chairman has been a professor of leadership at various business schools.

Our Mission

Partnering with leaders and teams to be their best, to build a better world.

Our Values

Our core values shape our culture & approach.

  • Unconditional Respect:      and care for our colleagues, clients and the planet.

  • Continuous Innovation:      to meet client needs, and build on great ideas & practices.

  • Be the best we can be:        learn from mistakes, continually improve and share what we learn.

  • Mindfulness:                           practice mindfulness, be curious and non-judgemental.

  • Live up to our word:             clarify expectations, don’t procrastinate, and get things done.

  • Do Valuable Work:               we are committed to doing meaningful work that benefits society as a whole.

Our Store

Automobile Industry

Aviation Industry

Banking Industry

E-commerce Industry

Food Industry

Healthcare Industry

Hospitality Industry

IT Industry

Manufacturing Industry

Real Estate Industry

Retail Industry


Telecommunications Industry

Tourism Industry

Transport Industry

Why Us

We help develop and embed fundamental leadership, team and mindfulness capabilities.

Wholistic Approach.

We take a wholistic evidence-based approach to help people at all levels of your organisation thrive. Our integral framework focuses on both individual and collective development, relationships and results.

From Learning to Being.

Learning about new skills is only the beginning. Real impact is achieved through regular practice, gradually turning knowledge into a way of 'being'. Our programs are designed to create long- term change and embed new capabilities.

Evidence Based Approach.

We employ a blended approach to human and organisational development based on the latest research on leadership development and best-practice digital behavior change interventions.

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